Below you will find the most common questions we receive about working with us and our B2B.


How do I shop?



Click on the desired brand with the brand icons or go straight to products on the menu. When you click on a product, detailed product information and pictures of the product will come up. The products are often sold in a multipack, which is clearly stated under each product. When filling in the number you want to order, keep in mind that one package can mean multiple products. Ex. 1 package – 12 items.


Shopping cart:

You will find your shopping cart in the top right corner of the page. Here you can see which products you have chosen as well as remove products that you have changed your mind about. You can save your shopping cart, convert the shopping cart into a quote or a catalog under More options. To edit the shopping cart, press the Shopping cart button. Here you can edit the number of articles and get a complete picture of your order as well as see your total shipping cost or if you have reached the free shipping limit set for your market.

You have the opportunity to choose the delivery date for your entire order in the shopping cart by editing the Desired delivery date for all rows. Once you have selected the date, all items will automatically be updated with a common delivery date if the goods are in stock at the selected date. Select Do not allow backorder if you want the entire order to be delivered at the same time. In the case of a backorder, Sagaform AB charges 350 SEK if the original order has not reached the limit for free shipping. If your order has multiple items that are back-ordered, it will be delivered as a complete order on the latest delivery date.

Before you confirm your order, please review the following:

  • Make sure the contents of your shopping cart are
  • If wanted, enter labeling of goods
  • Enter reference (first and last name)
  • If wanted, enter your own Order number
  • If wanted, enter any comments regarding the order in the order message
  • Enter the desired delivery date if you want a later
  • Choose a delivery address from your address book or create a new one at New
  • The billing address is always preset and cannot be edited. If you want to update your billing address, please contact us at info@sagaform.com
  • Your purchase will always generate an invoice sent to
  • The shipping method is
  • Accept Sagaform AB’s terms of sale by checking the box. To read the terms, click on the link “terms”.
  • Then press “Create order”. A confirmation page will now be displayed announcing that the purchase has been
  • After the purchase has been completed, an order confirmation will be sent to the email address entered for your account. This is the confirmation that the order has been received and
  • Your order will now be packed by Sagaform
  • Follow the status of the order under “my page”

If you have any further questions, please contact us at info@sagaform.com or call

+46 33 23 38 23


What is the delivery time?

If the item(s) is in stock, we aim to send your order the following weekday from the date shown at checkout. It is usually delivered within one workweek. The delivery time differs during periods of extra high pressure, for example after trade shows.

This will be announced at checkout or by your salesperson at Sagaform AB. If the item(s) is not in stock, the delivery time will be prolonged. If the item(s) has a longer delivery time, the product shall have information about this on the product card. If not, please contact us at i nfo@sagaform.com or call +46 33 23 38 23 to find out your estimated delivery time.


What happens if a product is damaged during transport?

If a good is damaged at the time of delivery, this must be reported immediately to us at Sagaform AB. For us to be able to claim the damage to our carrier, we need to report the damage to them within 1-3 days. We are therefore grateful if you report the damage within this time. If we find a product damaged by transport, we will replace it for you as soon as possible.


Other complaints and returns

To make a complaint, send an email with the number of articles and article number together with a photo of the articles you are unsatisfied with to i nfo@sagaform.com within 7 days. Always mark the email with complaint and the order number.

We will get back to you as soon as the matter has been processed.

In case of a return request, the matter is dealt with following the same procedure as for complaints, see above.


Shipping conditions Sweden

Minimum order value: 2000 SEK Free shipping: 5000 SEK

Shipping cost for orders between 2000 SEK and 4999 SEK: 350 SEK

In the case of a backorder, Sagaform AB charges 350 SEK if the original order has not reached the limit for free shipping. If your order has multiple items that are back-ordered, it will be delivered as a complete order on the latest delivery date.


Which shipping method will be used for my order?

The shipping method is preselected and cannot be changed. The shipping method depends on which city/country the goods are going to and the size of the shipment.


Where is my order?

You can track your order on My page. You will be able to follow your order through a tracking link once we have sent you a delivery confirmation. The tracking link can be found on My page under selected order.


Pictures and product material

To view images and product material you can go directly through the product page of the product you are looking for. There you can choose to download product sheets or the pictures of the selected article. You can also access it through New Wave’s media bank. You log in with the information below:

 www.nwgmedia.com username: sagaform password: sf9876

To find the pictures you are looking for, you have to search for the article number or choose the brand and season.


Do you have a question that has not been answered?

If you miss an answer to a question, please contact us by emailing

 info@sagaform.com or by phone +46 33 23 38 23