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The main goal of Sagaform AB (with brands Sagaform, Byon, Victorian and Vakinme) sustainability work is to create products with a life span as long as possible to minimize the negative imprint of the products on humans and environment. In the work process we take into account all three dimensions of sustainability – social, environmental and economical.

One of our strengths is that we have our own CSR-personnel on location in the production countries working full time with these questions. The work includes for example improved working conditions, a progressive chemical work and to make transport and logistics more efficient. By internal controls in combination with independent reviews we follow up that our products are produced under good social conditions and do not contain chemicals harmful or hazardous to health.



A large part of the work revolves around chemicals. Chemicals are all around us but do not involve automatic danger. The fact is that we need chemicals to be able to live the life we do. But we also need knowledge to use the chemicals in a responsible manner. Through our mother company New Wave Group Sagaform, Byon, Victorian, Vakinme and Bagsfirst are included in Kemikaliegruppen which is organized by RISE. In Kemikaliegruppen we take part in the latest knowledge and research on chemicals by RISE’s chemists and experts. They lay the foundation to our work to reduce and change chemicals for better alternatives. We are careful to always use high quality materials without unnecessary chemical additives. And we always make sure our products follow laws and regulations like EU’s chemicals legislation REACH and other regulations regarding materials that come into contact with food. To ensure that our chemical requirements are met all our products are tested by independent laboratories.



How a product has been made and under what kind of circumstances are important questions. We constantly strive to improve working conditions in the global supply chain. Our products are made for us by external suppliers located mainly in Asia. We are aware of our responsibilities when purchasing products in countries which have not come as far as Sweden in terms of working conditions and environmental issues. Many of the challenges appearing in different production countries are due to poverty and lack of welfare systems. By visits and communication, we can discover in time any shortcomings and create long-term relationships with our suppliers. The visits are not made by our CSR-personnel only but also by buyers and quality controllers working at the purchasing offices. We therefore have many people continuously visiting the factories. Good suppliers are an important part of our competitiveness and we therefore care about their business working in a good way and that the employees are treated with respect.

Our brands are through the mother company New Wave Group a member of amfori BSCI which is an initiative for companies working in an active way to improve the working conditions in the global supply chain. All members have a common code of conduct based on international framework like the ILO-convention and the UN’s declaration about human rights. The code of conduct demands, among other things, a minimum wage, regulated working hours and that no child labour may occur. The code of conduct is followed up by independent reviews made by accredited auditors. Our goal is to have all our suppliers reviewed by amfori BCSI.



All our brands should participate in minimizing the climate impact and take advantage of all possibilities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from our operations. Our priority area is direct impact through the group’s transports. As air freight is the kind of transport that generates the most emissions of greenhouse gases, we have a zero vision for this freight alternative. The largest part of our transports is container-based sea freight. We strive for joint freights between the companies so that containers are always optimally filled. The focus is on creating efficient routines and plan our purchasing well in advance. Through the initiative Clean Shipping Index, we also work on influencing shipping companies to enhance their environmental work through better fuel alternatives and ships with better environmental performance.