Every day is party perfect – ByOn autumn & winter 2020

When intensity, extravagance and glitter meet warmth and intimacy something new and exciting happens. ByOn presents a collection which sparkles of fantasy, colour and energy. Neon meets mirrors and glass and lights come in playful shapes. In ByOn AW20 the dream has been given free scope with only one mission – to make the everyday more festive. 

The world has not been the same these last few months. It is colder and more unsettled. We isolate ourselves and our security has started shaking. The home has become more important and interior decorating has got a higher purpose.

– We always gather inspiration from our time when we create our collections, perhaps even more so now. For the coming autumn and winter season we have turned out products with even more warmth and heart, shimmer and energy. We have chosen to focus on a theme we call “Every day is party perfect” where colour and shape get maximum space, explains Beatrice Lindgren, Design and concept manager at ByOn. 

ByOn AW20 contains the whole colour spectrum, from cobalt blue to claret and lavender. Strong pop nuances enhance the playfulness, sober tones provide balance and together they spread energy. We see neon, mirrors and glass in all sorts of combinations. Playful and stylish lit-up shapes are big in this collection, all with the purpose of giving us strength during the dark season.

– We continue to create interior design details that look great in all homes and for all occasions. We think that the more you mix and combine different styles the more exciting interior decorating becomes. The only important thing is that you feel comfortable in your home, that you get energy just being there and from the details surrounding you, Beatrice Lindgren says.

ByOn AW20 wants us to embrace every day, to let every moment shine and sparkle a little extra. More than ever we see combinations of colours in the same product. An explosion of colours which makes us think of confetti, balloons and a shower of sweets. Products which make every day party perfect by just being there!

– The time with seclusion and worry has affected us more than we think. The longing for colour, party and life is enormous and we crave for anything extravagant and glittering which gives us our energy back, says Beatrice Lindgren.

Welcome to a new season with us at ByON.

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