A new season is coming!

Get ready! Now we’re stepping into a new active season and we want to inspire you to spend time together, play games and celebrate in big and small every single day. If it’s digitally,at a distance, at home or away, doesn’t matter. We will have fun, no doubt about it. Therefore, it feels really great to finally present ByOn’s playful autumn and winter collection: The game is ON.

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Big, extreme and too much of everything - ByOn loves it!

Playful childishness is ByOn personified, just like always. But when the new collection is launched, we take the step into the world of games for real. Patterns from classic board games permeate the whole collection. Elements of chess squares and stripes meeting bold and flowing shapes and matt surfaces. The colours are delicious nougat, light vanilla, dark green and strong pepper. Let us present the autumn/winter collection 2021 – The game is on with ByOn!   

To celebrate in a big way and enjoy every day is important to ByOn. This continues also this season but in a more playful way where play and games are the biggest source of inspiration. Classic children’s games adapted for adults and with a designed touch.

– Everyone likes to play games, it’s a great way of socializing over all ages. Classic board games and card games have inspired us with their playful shapes and patterns and perhaps most of all with the wonderful feeling they spread, says Beatrice Lindgren, design and concept manager at Sagaform AB.

Big, extreme and too much of everything – ByOn loves that! The autumn news present stylish chess squares and energetic stripes. The colour tones are delicious nougat, light vanilla, dark green, strong pepper and confetti. There are flowing shapes in contrast to the straight ones. A theatrical collection which calls for mixing colours and patterns in whatever way you prefer.

– It’s so easy to make interior decorating great fun. Be bold and put those children’s glasses on and mix colours and shapes. I promise it will give you both energy and joy. With a childish mind you will find new innovative solutions and create many smiles, says Beatrice Lindgren.

ByOn’s autumn/winter collection 2021 contains colourful board games which are as fun to play as they are easy-to-place interior details. ByOn has created a collection aiming at socializing and being together – at home, away or at a distance doesn’t matter. The world of games unites us no matter what!


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